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Do I have to live in the North County area to play for North County Youth Football and Cheer? 
We serve the Rancho Bernardo, Carmel Mountain Ranch, Sabre Springs, Del Sur, Poway, Escondido, Santa Luz and other surrounding communities. If you are unsure, please contact us for the exact territory boundaries.

Does my child have to tryout to make the team?
North County Youth Football and Cheer prohibits tryouts of any kind for football or cheer.  Every eligible participant makes a team.

How safe is Youth Football? 
Playing youth football is actually quite safe. North County Youth Football and Cheer coaching staff believe that safety is a top priority. All of our coaches participate in mandatory clinic hours and concussion training each year and coaches consistently reinforce concepts of injury prevention and safe tackling techniques.

My child is new to football. What should we expect?
You can expect that your child will learn the basic fundamentals and principles of football in an environment that promotes discipline, character and teamwork. They will be exposed to conditioning and concepts of overall physical fitness. They will also be challenged mentally and physically in a competitive environment as well as having fun while learning and playing.

When does the season start and how long will it last?
The season will begin sometime in mid to late July and the regular season continues through mid-October. Playoffs, Bowl Games, and the All-Star Classic can extend into early December (tackle only).

What is conditioning?
There are a mandatory number of conditioning hours that are required by our conference that must be met prior to full contact participation. The first two weeks of practice for the fall season are devoted to conditioning the players to better prepare them physically for football and cheer. The players do not wear full equipment during conditioning, only helmet.

Does my child have to come to all the practices in August? We want to take a vacation.
Yes, it is extremely important that your child attend as many practices as possible. In the months of July and August, players are introduced to the fundamentals of football, including proper tackling, hitting, passing, and receiving. The players are introduced to the team's playbook. If your child goes on vacation during this time, he/she will be behind upon his return. Football is a team sport and it takes 11 players executing their jobs to make each play work. Football is truly a team sport and everyone must be on the same page to make the team successful. Please plan your vacations accordingly.

There are 4-day a week practices in August; what about when school begins?
Once school begins in the fall, North County Youth Football and Cheer limits the Tackle Football and Cheer teams to a maximum of 6 hours a week and 4.5 hours for flag.

What times are the practices held?
Practice days and times very for each team. Generally, most teams practice from 5:00 pm thru 7:00 pm, Mon-Thurs, during August ONLY. After Labor Day, the practice times will shift to approximately 5:30pm to 7:30pm. Please check with your child's coach/team manager for exact practice information.

When and where are your games played?
All of our games are played on Saturdays. Our home games are played at Del Norte High School. Away games will be played at the locations of other SDYFC Association’s home fields. The Schedule will list the locations of each game with links to maps and driving directions. North County Youth Football has no control over the scheduling of the games. If your child advances to playoff games or competitions, travel may expand to the hosting association/conference of that event. You will be notified in advance of the time and locations of those events.

Is it possible that my child will participate in tournaments or championship games out of town?
Yes, it is possible. If your child’s football team or cheer squad wins (or places) at their local championship or competition, they will advance to the regional games/competition and possibly the national games/competitions. Location of the regional and national games/competitions changes each year depending upon the conference that wins the bid to host the event. If your child advances past local games/competitions, additional fundraising activities may occur with your child’s team to offset travel and expenses. Please be aware that some "upfront" fees are required and must be paid before traveling to national games/competitions and possibly regional games/competitions.

What if my child has a non-North County Youth Football activity planned during a scheduled practice or game?
If at all possible, please do not schedule non-North County Youth Football activities during practice and game times. Each athlete plays a significant role on their team. As such, all players and their parents must make a commitment to be available for all practices and games, to the best of their ability. Football and cheerleading require a serious commitment. Coaches enforce strict practice rules in preparing for games and cheer competitions.

What if I think that my child is not playing enough?
North County Youth Football has a "Mandatory Play Rule", which stipulates that each rostered team member must have a minimum number of plays in every game. Players who are injured or benched for disciplinary reasons are exempt from this rule.

Why a Birth Certificate?
North County Youth Football and Cheer must adhere to eligibility requirements as set forth by AYF. By providing your child's birth certificate, you are providing proof of their age so that your child is appropriately assigned to a division. This is a mandatory requirement and your child will not be allowed to participate without it.

How is weight determined for Tiny Mite Division? (*this only applies to Tiny Mites)
While the Nighthawks will initially use your submitted weight during registration, all Tiny Mite players are weighed during “WEIGHT CERTIFICATION DAY”, held at our registration. This is a one-time weigh-in and will be recorded and kept for the entire season.

Where do the records go and who sees them, such as the Birth Certificate?
All documents submitted are collected and confidentially kept by our eligibility team during each season. An official Record Book for each team is kept by each team's head coach. During the Certification Day, SDFYC officials will verify each player’s documents, and residence making sure he/she is on a team appropriate for his/her age. Records are kept on file according to SDYFC Rules and Policies and are destroyed when no longer needed.

What can I do if I have a problem with a team member (child) or parent?
Take an opportunity to speak to the Head Coach and/or Team Manager privately. Most often, he/she can quickly resolve the problem. The game of football can sometimes be emotional in nature, so please remember that all coaches and staff are volunteers trying to do their best for all children involved. 

What can I do if I have a problem with a Coach/Team Manager?
Take an opportunity to talk to the Coach and/or Team Manager privately. If you are unsatisfied with the Coach's response, you may talk to the Coaches Representative or Vice President, who will hear your grievance and respond appropriately through the NCYFC Board of Directors.  

Will I be asked to purchase additional items during the season?
It is possible. We have budgeted for all standard costs that typically arise during the season and have allotted for them in the registration fees. Football teams typically ask for a separate donation toward their "Slush Fund". Cheerleading Teams may also ask for a "Slush Fund"  to cover additional competition hair ribbons, spirit gifts to opposing team’s cheerleaders, etc. An individual team or squad may also choose to hold their own fundraising even and you may be asked to contribute to that or a league fundraising event. We make every effort to keep this down to a minimum. If you have any questions, you should contact your child’s coach or any board member.

Who are the other teams in our conference?
Visit to see all teams in the San Diego Youth Football & Cheer Conference.

Where are the fields located?
See below for Field Directory.

Field Directory


Oak Valley Middle School

16055 Winecreek Rd San Diego California United States 92127

(Last updated 04/24/17 at 03:00 AM )

View Directions

4S Ranch Sports Park

16118 4S Ranch Pkwy San Diego California United States 92127

(Last updated 08/16/16 at 11:20 AM )

View Directions

Rancho Bernardo Community Park

18448 West Bernardo Road San Diego California United States 92127

(Last updated 03/03/18 at 03:03 AM )

View Directions

Del Norte High School

16601 Nighthawk Lane San Diego California United States 92127

(Last updated 08/16/16 at 11:20 AM )

View Directions
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